Huys Electrodes Opens in the U.S.

Huys Industries Recycles Your Old Parts

Taper ToolTM

In 2011, Huys Industries opened its new manufacturing facility in Telford, Pennsylvania with two cold formers. Huys is proud to be creating new jobs in America for Americans with American know how, technology and equipment. Huys continues to build on its reputation for innovation, research and the promotion of leading and world-beating technology.
Green issues are hot topics in the world today, and welding consumables are no different. Huys Industries is proud to offer the facilites and processes to recycle copper resistance welding consumables to reduce the footprint of waste on our planet. Our programs are tailored to your needs, from simply recycling to the reprocessing, remachining, reforging and recoating of electrodes. Talk to us and make a difference.
Tapers on electrode arms and shanks wear with use. Worn tapers cause production delays with water leaks and caps falling off. Patent Pending Taper ToolTM hones the taper on shanks and electrode arms to prolong the life of an gun arm. Repairing tapers on shanks and arms is expensive. Downtime in production, searching for the correct arm, disassembling the arm, cutting out the old taper, soldering in a new taper, aligning and reinstalling the arm, cleaning up the cooling water mess, all takes a lot of time. Find out more.